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the art of the gumball machine



Horace Pippin


Horace Pippin


Horace Pippin


Horace Pippin Harmonizing


Ellsworth Kelly


Ellsworth Kelly


Chardin–The Smoker’s Case


Chardin–Soap Bubbles




Chardin  still life






Wayne Thiebaud










Candy apples







Morris Louis


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Francisco de Zurbarán


Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose


Detail on the lemons

Also see the Norton Simon web site where they have an amazing digital image that allows you to zoom in very very close and see the texture of the painting.

Peter Schjeldahl’s article on this exhibition is not yet available on the New Yorker web site, but here’s what he has (briefly) to say about an exhibition of 80 Pierre Bonnard paintings at the Met.

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Elizabeth Peyton

This week, let me recommend Elizabeth Peyton, whose work you can see in this slideshow courtesy of the New Yorker. One selection is below:


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“The Art of Making a World”


Pierre Bonnard circa 1906


Pierre Bonnard Portrait of the Artist in the Bathroom Mirror


Bonnard La femme au chat (Woman with cat)


Bonnard The Breakfast Table


Pierre Bonnard Nude in the Tub


Bonnard Crouching Nude in the Tub


Bonnard La salle de bain (The bathroom)


Bonnard L’homme et la femme (The man and the woman)


Bonnard La toilette


Bonnard The Window


Bonnard The almond tree in blossom


Joan Mitchell


Joan Mitchell Sunflowers


Bonnard The Bath


Bonnard Young Women in the Garden

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Arundhati Roy Interview

Please read this interview with Arundhati Roy.


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Assignment  #53

Advice to Brynn (highschool Brynn): The biggest mistake in my life was cheating on my boyfriend.  If there is one thing that I could change it would be not being so selfish and thinking that it was okay to do that.  I know that he made mistakes and hurt you but you shouldn’t have felt that you had the right to retaliate…at least not in that manner.  The second thing is (on the same subject) not to drop things so easily when they are bothering you.  If you think something isn’t right, listen to your instinct and push a little more to find out whatever it is that seems odd. 





Assignment # 42

In 1984 the Vatican and the United States established full diplomatic relations. 

In March Iran accused Iraq of using chemical weapons.

On May 12 (my birthday) the Louisiana World’s Fair opened up

In July, Vanessa Lynn Williams became the first “Miss America” to surrender her crown after naked picture surfaced of her in “Penthouse” magazine.  


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Sarah’s Assignments…#27, 67, 70, 53

#53 Advice to myself

Age 3: Share with your brother, don’t be so scared to get dirty

Age 6: Give granda al lots of kisses, enjoy easy assignments.

Age 9: You can have more than one best friend. Clubs just hurt feelings. Don’t cry, nothing is wrong.

Age 12: Don’t give up dance, you love it just because your teacher is tough you will regret it. Don’t worry about high school it will all be fine. Love every moment with your 32. Be nice to people who like you. Don’t cry, everything will be ok.

Age 15: Do your best in school, run as fast as you can in track, there is nothing to hold back. You are not fat, you are a twig. Don’t follow Brigid so much, be yourself. Reach out to others even though your friends are fun, there are other awesome people. Don’t go to homecoming with Kyle, he is just lame. Enjoy every moment of high school!

Age  18: Stay close with your summer friends, you are more important than their sorority life. Be careful with boys, they will hurt you. Focus on school more than partying. Stick with Kelly. Don’t agree to live with them. enjoy high school friends. Be nice to your parents, they are still there for you. Listen for the music you like. No late nights at their place. Only start a relationship if you truely like the guy. See your friends more than work. Tell Mr. Hubbell you love him. Don’t run when you are sad, others are sad too and need you. There will always be more money, there won’t always be more time.

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Jess Cohen Assignment #30

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Assignment #70

Let me first say goodbye to all of my bad habits that I have acquired since I have been at school.

Goodbye to late night eating.

Goodbye to not going to sleep until ridiculous hours of the night.

Goodbye my coffee addiction.

Goodbye to not feeling 100% about myself.

Goodbye caring about what other people think.

Goodbye high school drama.

Goodbye high school.

Hello world.

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Jessica Cohen Assignment #53

Advice to Jessica at age 2: Maybe you should be more careful attempting to climb down the one stair into the living room, that way, next time, you won’t fall down and send your front tooth through your lip.

Advice to Jessica at age 3: Don’t worry, just because you are going to have a little brother, doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to love you just as much as we do now. You have to be accepting and love your brother too! You will grow to appreciate him, although you might not in the beginning.

Advice to Jessica at age 8: Keep smiling! It’s what all your teachers write on your report cards, so just keep on being a happy kid.

Advice to Jessica at age 13: Don’t be nervous about messing up at your Bat Mitzvah, you have a beautiful voice and no one is going to judge you even if you stumble on a word or two. And, remember to appreciate your party, and thank your parents for helping you have such a fun day!

Advice to Jessica at age 15: Try not to get so annoyed with your brother, believe me, the time will come when you appreciate him and will like having a little brother. He annoys you a lot, but just be more patient and don’t violently respond to his annoying acts.

Advice to Jessica at age 17: When making one of the most important decisions of your life, where to go to college, make sure you go with your gut. You went to visit Michigan when it was pouring rain and you still fell in love with it, isn’t that a sign? Go with your gut. Oh, and try not to criticize yourself so harshly. Be comfortable with who you are and don’t be so affected by how others are judging you. No one else’s opinion matters but yourselves, even though that may be the most destructive opinion of all.

Advice to Jessica at age 18: Boys are stupid. Don’t let them get you down. Take all of the opportunities life presents you and live your life to its fullest extent!

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Learning to Love you More #11, #53, #60

Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.


When I was 4 or 5 years old, my mom and I were walking to the post office along a rural gravel road. I held my mom’s hand as I skipped along. Suddenly I fell and cut my knee on a sharp rock. My knee began to gush blood everywhere. It ran down my leg and all over the ground. My mom quickly picked me up and rushed back to the house. We never got to the post office.

My mom and dad placed me on the dinner table like they were performing surgery. They cleaned out my knee, getting all the tiny bits of gravel and dirt from the cut, then bandaged it up. I still remember that I felt that if all my blood ran out of my body I would shrivel up like a deflated balloon.

I find my scar really cool because it looks like an eye. I never want it to go away.

Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

To Brittney Age 6: Don’t bother trying to call Dad and wish him a Happy Father’s Day. He’s crazy and will just scare you for the next 14 years till he messages you online, which is even crazier. Tell mom it’s going to be okay while you’re in California, things will get better and be safer.

To Brittney Age 11: Being a 6th grader will be hard, and friends you will meet will blow you off. But in the future, you will be 200x cooler than them and doing better things with your life. DaNeesha will be pregnant, TaShawn will be pregnant and in jail, Maria becomes a crackhead, and the rest of the crew fades off into nothing. So even though they randomly ignore you after that slumber party, it’s okay. You should be friends with Carol and Julie instead, who are a lot smarter than those dumb girls.

To Brittney Age 12: Don’t go to that sorry excuse of a computer teacher’s house. Why would a computer teacher need help on her own computer? She just wants to use you to clean her house for $10. And she will knock on your door multiple times, just open the door and say, “Fuck off!” …Or maybe have mom say this.

To Brittney Age 17: When Nick breaks up with you, it’s not the end of the world. It sounds like a good idea to jokingly hire a “hitman” on him during lunch out of your confused emotions, but he could really get hurt. His parents will never really forgive you for that. Nick will come back after a few years of much needed growing up and you two will be great friends. Instead of mourning over the end of this relationship, the energy could be used to finishing all the unfinished art projects you start.

Assignment #60
Write a press release about an everyday event.

After pressing the snooze button twice in the morning, Brittney Braxton wakes up to get ready for the day. She slides on her fuzzy purple slippers, grabs her tote and a blue washcloth and heads down the hall to the women bathroom. Bimg_41111raxton rubs her eyes as she pops in her contacts. She turns on the water, her hand testing the temperature. When just right, she pulls out a yellow cup with her toothbrush and toothpaste. Braxton rinses out the cup and fills it halfway with water. Removing the toothbrush from the green toothbrush holder, she runs it under the water. Turning off the water, she gently applies the blimg_4112ue gel across the bristles.

Braxton put the toothbrush in her mouth, and made the magic work. 2 minutes, 120 seconds, one round of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The foosha foosha foosha filled the cavernous room as she brushed her teeth. Braxton stared blankly into the mirror, one hand on her hip as the brush worked around each tooth. Whenever dribble ran down her chin, she quickly wiped it up with the blue washcloth. Spitting white foamy toothpaste into the sink, she turned the water on again. Quickly brushing her tongue and spitting into the sink again, she took a sip of water rinsing out her mouth. Cleaning off her toothbrush, Braxton replaces it into the holder and smiles, refreshed. “Time to start the day,” she declared excitedly.

She quickly scrubs her face with mint scented facial wash, cleaning it with the towel then hurries back to her room. The day has begun. img_4114

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Learning to Love You More Assignments

#53 Give advice to yourself in the past:

Advice to Caitlin Age 13-18:

1.      Don’t be afraid to take risks.

2.      You don’t have to care what everyone thinks about you.

3.      Don’t worry about being perfect or doing things perfectly.

4.      Stop being angry. It’s a waste of time.

5.      Go out and do stuff.

#51 Describe what to do with your body when you die:

When I die I would like to be placed in a nice, spacious stone coffin. No autopsy/morgue for me, please. I’d rather keep my body intact than have it sliced and diced to remove fluids. The coffin I’m in should be situated in an open-ended tunnel that runs through a beautiful mountain.

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Learning to Love You More :)

Assignment #53

Give advice to yourself in the past.

Advice to Maxine Murray at age 16

So you’re going to meet a really cool guy because you tried new things and trying new things is good.

This guy, his name is James and here’s why he’s cool. He listens and is really funny.

Don’t be afraid to be honest with him.

But don’t going blurting out random things to him either.

Be his friend…and more importantly let him be your friend.

And not just cookie-cutter, ‘yeah he’s my friend.’ No spend time with him outside of school.

Ultimately trust your instincts. He does like you the way you like him.

So when he finally asks you for like the fifteenth time who it is you like.

Be really honest, push pass the fear and just tell him:

“James, I like you and I’ve liked you for the past 5 months”

Also try not to get step-throat the week before Bible Camp.

It’s not fun and well you miss the chance to spend a night with this cool guy at the banquet.

Also don’t become best friends with Lizzie…it’s just a bad idea—especially to let her date your brother.

Assignment #70

Say goodbye.

1. Goodbye Drama

2. Goodbye anger over what I can’t control

3. Goodbye nuclear family

4. Goodbye hero

5. Goodbye not trying out of fear

6. Goodbye James

7. Goodbye John

8. Goodbye fake friends

9. Goodbye pushing limits when it comes to my health

10. Goodbye rushing through life

11. Goodbye fearing the unknown

12. Goodbye indecisiveness

Assignment #11

Photograph a scar and write about it.

scar scar2

I got these scars as a result of the second surgery I’ve had in life. The first is probably my favorite scar. Because it’s in a spot that I can’t hide if I wear tanks and I love wearing tanks so I figure I can love it or hate it. The second scar is from the same surgery and is as significant as the other. Also they’re proof that my life isn’t that bad. Having Sickle Cell Anemia can suck, but I am really blessed and don’t have to go through as much pain as others who share my fate. But more importantly the day I got these scars was the day they removed my catheter which meant I didn’t have to get transfusions anymore. All I had to do is take some pills that help my red blood cells transport oxygen more efficiently.

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Arman Cole, #32, #52, #53

Draw a scene from a movie that made you cry

La Dolce Vita

Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Me: Hello?

Angela: Hey Arman.

Me: Oh hey! What’s up? How are you? Why the call?

Angela: Well, I’ve been thinking things over and I wanted your advice.

Me: Yeah? About?

Angela: I’m not sure I actually want to be a doctor.

Me: What?

Angela: I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about what that life would be like, and honestly, I’m not sure it’s me. I’m thinking of applying to grad school, maybe in archaeology. Maybe become a curator or something.

Me: Why the sudden change? I mean, you got into amazing schools, you’re a national medical champion. Every time I check Facebook it’s a photo of you at some hospital-themed party. It seems like you’re so into it.

Angela: Yeah.

Me: So you weren’t actually into it?

Angela: No, I was. At the time.

Me: Do you think your parents were behind the doctor thing?

Angela: Maybe. I mean, I genuinely love medicine and all, and I love the idea of performing surgery. But I feel like I’m missing something. I might take a year off to figure things out. Listen, I have to go.

Me: I thought you wanted my advice?

Angela: I more just wanted to drop you a line.

Me: Okay, well, good luck?

Angela: Thanks. See you.



Advice to myself, at 16

*Do your homework. It will matter.
*You won’t be as greasy in 3 years.
*Don’t drink two Mountain Dews every day. They have brominated vegetable oil, which is illegal in all of Western Europe. It will also make you fat.
*Your hair looks better longer. Trust me.
*Those glasses look like you got them secondhand from a Founding Father.
*Please don’t date the blond girl in your Political Science AP class. Trust me.

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Assignment 50


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Assignment 11

I obtained this scar when I was about 13 years old while riding a scooter at my grandfather house. It is a tradition that everyone meets at my grandfather’s house for Thanksgiving, and this particular Thanksgiving everyone in my family came. My little cousins where there and one of them happened to bring their scooter to play with. Now, my grandfather lives on a steep hill so none of the little kids were allowed to go to far down the street. However I, being older, decided that I should go down the hill to see what all the fuss was about. I got on the scooter, which was way too small for me, and headed down the hill. About half way down the hill, I knew I was in trouble. The scooter was going top speed and all I could see was the huge dip at the bottom of the street. I knew that if I hit that dip I was going to fly off the scooter and seriously hurt myself. I knew what I had to do; I had to jump off the scooter before I got to the bottom of the hill. As soon as jumped off by feet buckled under me from the speed. I fell down and slid down the hill a little. The pavement tore through my favorite jeans and the leggings I was wearing under them, leaving me with three scars, this one being the biggest.

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Assignment 53; Advice to Gerloni Cotton at fifteen

•    Don’t be too eager to date. You will date some real loser and they will just waste your time. For instance, don’t go out with Eric. He will eventually break up with you and get another girl pregnant. He is really not going many place in life to leave him behind.
•    Love yourself, really. You confidence is so very low. Each day you should wake up and tell yourself in the mirror how beautiful and amazing you are.
•    Do well in school, Gerloni. School is for learning and nothing else. The things that you learn now will help you in college. It’d not just about the grade, it’s about learning the material too.
•    Don’t be mean to Jason or Biko they will turn out being good friends.
•    Be weary of Leandra. She is using you for your money.
•    Eslin will always be a good friend, so cherish her.
•    Don’t date Herbert; it will ruin your friendship.

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Learning To Love You More Assignments

#53: Give Advice to Yourself in the Past

Take a deep breath.  Stop stressing about miniscule details and focus on the bigger picture.

Live in the moment.  Yes, the future is important, but life goes by so much faster than you imagine, cherish each moment.

Be brave.  Confidence is priceless.

Speak your mind, don’t just follow the lead of others

Don’t go looking for love, it can’t be found that way.


#70: Say Goodbye

Goodbye insecurity

Goodbye obsessive thoughts

Goodbye phobias

Goodbye nailbiting

Goodbye OCD

Goodbye bitterness

Goodbye longing

Goodbye watching on the side-lines

Goodbye waiting


#32: Draw a scene from a movie that made you cry.

Mufasa dies in The Lion King

Mufasa's death scene

Mufasa's death scene

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Brad Malach #10,27,53


#27 Take a picture of the sun

#27 Take a picture of the sun


#10 Make a flier of your day

#10 Make a flier of your day

 #53 Give advice to yourself in the past

Age 11- Get on the roller coaster. You will not get hurt. It is meant for people to ride on.

Age 13- Stop being friends with Scott. He is a bad person.

Age 14- Stop arguing with your mom. She only means well.

Age 15- Be yourself. Just because you are in high school now doesn’t mean you need to change who you are to be accepted.

Age 16- Read more books. It will be worth it.

Age 17- Stop being lazy. 

Age 18- Have fun.

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1. Age 10- get on the trolly in San Fransisco- definitely not scary and Carly won’t be so upset

2. Age 13- memorize lines for play- it’s embarassing to be known as the lead in the worst play in camp history

3. Age 15- A smaller mouth could keep more trust between friends

4. Age 17- Make plans with Caroline more solid before getting on the train to toronto

5. Age 17- Speak my mind about college and make decisions based on own feelings-noone elses

6. Age 14-17- Movement never hurt anyone

7. Age 18- Stop being lazy

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Learning to love you more assignments

#70- say goodbye

Goodbye California: sun, women, coolness, and ease.

Goodbye High School: 8-3, rich kid cliques, and blowing it out of proportion

Goodbye Brittany: 24/7, scale of 1-10’s, and perfectionism

Goodbye Long Hair: Doing what it takes to get by, it’s all good, and doing it later

Goodbye Static: One state, one love, one frame

Goodbye what it is they want: Hello what it is I am


#30- strangers holding hands


#53- Words of Advice to my Past Self

Advice to Ian at 14

– Once you and brittany break up, be done with it. Don’t take her back.

– Cut your hair.

– Start messing with video cameras, get more involved in film opportunities.

– Don’t quit sports.

– You don’t need to do gurp.

– Start watching classic movies, establish a knowledge of film

– Be yourself.

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Cindy Huynh #53, #37, #70

Giving Advice to Cindy Huynh
1. Age 18- Do not cuss at your sister. She will only end up telling on you to your mother and you will end up with nothing to eat for the night.
2. Age 17- Do not go to Quizno after you realize that your house was robbed. Call the Police first—ignore the stomach calling out to food.
3. Age 17- Just study for the damn ACT. You will end up with a nice car if you get the right score for it.
4. Age 17- Do not go back to Lana for a haircut—no matter how nice she treats you. Ignore that side of you that feels guilty for thinking about going to another place to cut your hair because she is going to end up giving you a mushroom cut.
Assignment #37
Me- Where the hell is Nancy? (Calling her for the fifth time)
5 minute later
Me-Arghhhh! (Stomping my foot on the floor of the car)
3 minute later
Me- (Calling Nancy for the sixth time while waiting to pick her up in the circle drive of Lakeview High School)
2 minute later
Me- (Honking the horns at the soccer mom’s van) Just drive Grandma. Where the HELL is Nancy?!! (Calling Claire’s cell phone, who usually hang out with Nancy)
Claire- Hellooooo…
Me- Claire, where the hell is Nancy? I am waiting in the damn driveway, in my boxers without a bra on and the grandma next to me is glaring at me. (ends in a angry, almost bitchy tone)
Claire- ohh…uh…here she is.
Nancy- Sorry, man. It will just be a couple of more seconds.
Me- When the hell are you getting out here?
Nancy- sorry, it will just be a couple of more minute. Kay? Bye
Me- she better get her ass out her quick.
15-20 minute later
Me- (Calling Nancy again)
Nancy- Ok, ok…I’m coming out.
(Nancy enters car)
Nancy- Shut the f**k up.
(Ride home in complete silence)
Assignment #70
Good bye Sol hee Lee
Good bye Gigi
Good bye high school years
Good bye boyfriend who dumped me
Good bye DECA
Good bye bad luck of losing money
Good bye all the weight that I will lose this year
Good bye all the video games that I haven’t played
Good bye Book-wormed Cindy
Good bye depressed Cindy

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learning to love you more: Corey Allan

#70: Say Goodbye

-Goodbye childhood
-Goodbye 5547 E. Sanna Street
-Goodbye grampy
-Goodbye Chaparral pom
-Goodbye mitch
-Goodbye dance
-Goodbye uncle wiggly
-Goodbye dicus
-Goodbye ashley
-Goodbye david
-Goodbye doubletree

#27: Take a picture of the sun


#53: Give advice to yourself in the past!

As a rule of thumb I have always tried to live my life with no regrets and so far I have succeeded! Sure I have made mistakes but from each experience I have grown. If I were able to give advice to a younger me, I would probably say to not take life to seriously. It goes by much faster than you will ever thinking and looking back on the times where I was angry, or sad, or frustrated they weren’t worth it. I would warn myself about certain people to stay away from but then again from each of those people I have learned something new so in truth they played a big part of my life. I would tell myself to call my grandparents more often and to play fetch with my puppies everyday for I believe dogs are the perfect example of how humans should be living our lives. Just watching their enthusiasm about the littlest things makes me realize its the little things in life that truly matter. I would want to spend more time with my mom in serenity and a lot more time listening to my dads profound thoughts!

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Monica Vaks #53, #70, #39

Assignment #70. Goodbye: 

Goodbye eating unhealthy

Goodbye late night

Goodbye snacks

Goodbye carbohydrates

Goodbye salt

Goodbye fattening foods

Goodbye soda

Goodbye size LARGE

Goodbye pimples

Goodbye feeling ugly and fat

Goodbye guilt

Goodbye him

Goodbye regret

Goodbye always being on the phone

Goodbye facebook

Goodbye being lazy

Goodbye negativity

Goodbye her

Goodbye eating for no reason

Goodbye old life, Hello new life!


Assignment #53. Advice to Monica:

1. Advice to Monica at age 12: Don’t be negative; going through your parent’s separation is a rough situation. It won’t break apart your family unless you allow it to. Stay in contact and make sure you put your family before anything else. Its okay to talk to your family or your parents about how you feel and what’s going on, they understand and will always be there for you at all times. A lot of marriages don’t end up working out and its okay, everything happens for a reason. And even though we might not know that reason right now, in the future you will.

2. Advice to Monica at age 13: As you are standing up on that podium about to give your bat mitzvah speech we just want you to know that everyone here loves you, so don’t be shy or nervous, you could do it. It is so important that you stay focus and understand what’s happening to you today. This is the day that you are leaving your childhood behind and finally becoming a woman. This is such a special moment in your life, embrace, enjoy, and try to remember every moment of it because it only happens once.

3. Advice to Monica at age 15: Your learning how to drive, this is an awesome experience.  Take it seriously and listen because the last thing you want is to get in an accident when you’re driving alone in your new car.

4. Advice to Monica at 15: take 9th grade and high school seriously; it will only benefit you in the future when you’re thinking about where to go to college. It can’t hurt you to pick up a book and read something; you could learn something you don’t know.

5.Advice to Monica at age 16: You got your license and six months later you get in an accident, if you wouldn’t have been on your cell phone texting people, this probably would have never happened. It is important to stay focused while driving nothing is that important that your phone must be answered right away. You should always wait until you’re at a stop sign or a red light or parked to text message or answer a phone call to prevent accidents in the future.

6.Advice to Monica at age 17: Michigan or Wisconsin that’s a hell of a choice to make. You’ll make the right decision! We just want what’s best for you both, academically and socially.  

7.Advice to Monica at age 17: The college experience is a rough decision, one must realize that it is a new life, a new chapter where one can be anyone they choose to be because nothing is based on prejudgment. Allow yourself to be the best you could be at such a big school. You shouldn’t strive for anything less because you are a great person and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

8.Advice to Monica at age 18: Life is everything you make it to be, be positive and try new things. Make the life you want to live. Take all the opportunities that you are confronted with and be your outgoing self. Your still young and don’t forget you have the capabilities to do pretty much anything you want. Go for it and go skydiving and go jump of that bridge.  Be adventurous!


Assignment #39: Take a Picture of your Parents kissing:


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jen demoss_ltlym #66: make a field guide of your yard

thing 2

thing 3thing 4

thing 5

thing 6

thing 7thing 8

thing 1

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jen demoss_ltlym # 27: take a picture of the sun

teh warm guy

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learning to love you more

Please post your “Learning to Love You More” responses to the assignments as your own posts on the blog. If you have any technical questions about doing this, first refer to the support page, and then email me and I will help you.

Be sure to include your name so we know whose post is whose, and if you want to comment on your classmates’ posts, I encourage you to do so. You do not need to post the 1-page essay here, just post the assignments, whether written or visual. Please print out the 1-page essay to turn in to me after spring break.

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