Posted by: cboulay | January 7, 2009

what is art?

Here’s one series of opinions:

What do you think?

The dogs playing poker, of course, reference this famous painting:

Looks like Four of a Kind

by C. M. Coolidge from around 1910.



  1. Hi Charlotte! I’ve created a wordpress account for our class blog. It’s bribraxt.

  2. My opinion of art heavily relies on a quote by Andy Warhol, that I discovered last semester on a poster, which states: “Art is anything you can get away with” And I wholly agree with this, art can be the result of a heart and soul expression yet also it can be something that was birthed spur or the moment. Ultimately what it represents and the light in which it is seen in the greater society, is more of an evaluative measurement rather than a classification.

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