Posted by: cboulay | February 9, 2009

images to go with readings for wednesday, 2/11

To go with Keats “Ode to a Grecian Urn”


To go with Boulay “Black Excursion #13”


Louise Nevelson Black Excursion #13 (sculpture)

To go with Boulay “Watson and the Shark”


John Singleton Copley Watson and the Shark (1778)

To go with John Berger excerpts:


Rembrandt Woman in Bed


Rembrandt Bathsheba at Her Bath

To go with John Updike “Little Lightnings” and “Moving Along”


Choki Catching Fireflies (mid-1790s)


Roy De Forest Canoe of Fate (1974)


Baz Bahadur and Rupmati Riding by Moonlight

To go with Mark Strand “Crossing the Track to Hopper’s World”


Edward Hopper House by the Railroad (1925)


Edward Hopper Nighthawks (1942)


  1. NightHawks
    The mysterious black on the men’s suits and in the shadows gives defintion to Hopper’s nighthawks. The questions placed in the shadowed corners give an erry vibe to the scene.
    In contrast, the scarlet on the woman’s dress and the awnings plays with the dark colors to represent an evil scandal.
    I want to look away from this painting because I feel as if I might witness a crime scene, but for that reason I can not turn my eyes away from the diner.

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