Posted by: gerloni | March 1, 2009

Assignment 11

I obtained this scar when I was about 13 years old while riding a scooter at my grandfather house. It is a tradition that everyone meets at my grandfather’s house for Thanksgiving, and this particular Thanksgiving everyone in my family came. My little cousins where there and one of them happened to bring their scooter to play with. Now, my grandfather lives on a steep hill so none of the little kids were allowed to go to far down the street. However I, being older, decided that I should go down the hill to see what all the fuss was about. I got on the scooter, which was way too small for me, and headed down the hill. About half way down the hill, I knew I was in trouble. The scooter was going top speed and all I could see was the huge dip at the bottom of the street. I knew that if I hit that dip I was going to fly off the scooter and seriously hurt myself. I knew what I had to do; I had to jump off the scooter before I got to the bottom of the hill. As soon as jumped off by feet buckled under me from the speed. I fell down and slid down the hill a little. The pavement tore through my favorite jeans and the leggings I was wearing under them, leaving me with three scars, this one being the biggest.


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