Posted by: gerloni | March 1, 2009

Assignment 53; Advice to Gerloni Cotton at fifteen

•    Don’t be too eager to date. You will date some real loser and they will just waste your time. For instance, don’t go out with Eric. He will eventually break up with you and get another girl pregnant. He is really not going many place in life to leave him behind.
•    Love yourself, really. You confidence is so very low. Each day you should wake up and tell yourself in the mirror how beautiful and amazing you are.
•    Do well in school, Gerloni. School is for learning and nothing else. The things that you learn now will help you in college. It’d not just about the grade, it’s about learning the material too.
•    Don’t be mean to Jason or Biko they will turn out being good friends.
•    Be weary of Leandra. She is using you for your money.
•    Eslin will always be a good friend, so cherish her.
•    Don’t date Herbert; it will ruin your friendship.


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