Posted by: chuyn247 | March 1, 2009

Cindy Huynh #53, #37, #70

Giving Advice to Cindy Huynh
1. Age 18- Do not cuss at your sister. She will only end up telling on you to your mother and you will end up with nothing to eat for the night.
2. Age 17- Do not go to Quizno after you realize that your house was robbed. Call the Police first—ignore the stomach calling out to food.
3. Age 17- Just study for the damn ACT. You will end up with a nice car if you get the right score for it.
4. Age 17- Do not go back to Lana for a haircut—no matter how nice she treats you. Ignore that side of you that feels guilty for thinking about going to another place to cut your hair because she is going to end up giving you a mushroom cut.
Assignment #37
Me- Where the hell is Nancy? (Calling her for the fifth time)
5 minute later
Me-Arghhhh! (Stomping my foot on the floor of the car)
3 minute later
Me- (Calling Nancy for the sixth time while waiting to pick her up in the circle drive of Lakeview High School)
2 minute later
Me- (Honking the horns at the soccer mom’s van) Just drive Grandma. Where the HELL is Nancy?!! (Calling Claire’s cell phone, who usually hang out with Nancy)
Claire- Hellooooo…
Me- Claire, where the hell is Nancy? I am waiting in the damn driveway, in my boxers without a bra on and the grandma next to me is glaring at me. (ends in a angry, almost bitchy tone)
Claire- ohh…uh…here she is.
Nancy- Sorry, man. It will just be a couple of more seconds.
Me- When the hell are you getting out here?
Nancy- sorry, it will just be a couple of more minute. Kay? Bye
Me- she better get her ass out her quick.
15-20 minute later
Me- (Calling Nancy again)
Nancy- Ok, ok…I’m coming out.
(Nancy enters car)
Nancy- Shut the f**k up.
(Ride home in complete silence)
Assignment #70
Good bye Sol hee Lee
Good bye Gigi
Good bye high school years
Good bye boyfriend who dumped me
Good bye DECA
Good bye bad luck of losing money
Good bye all the weight that I will lose this year
Good bye all the video games that I haven’t played
Good bye Book-wormed Cindy
Good bye depressed Cindy


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