Posted by: megeske | March 1, 2009

Learning To Love You More Assignments

#53: Give Advice to Yourself in the Past

Take a deep breath.  Stop stressing about miniscule details and focus on the bigger picture.

Live in the moment.  Yes, the future is important, but life goes by so much faster than you imagine, cherish each moment.

Be brave.  Confidence is priceless.

Speak your mind, don’t just follow the lead of others

Don’t go looking for love, it can’t be found that way.


#70: Say Goodbye

Goodbye insecurity

Goodbye obsessive thoughts

Goodbye phobias

Goodbye nailbiting

Goodbye OCD

Goodbye bitterness

Goodbye longing

Goodbye watching on the side-lines

Goodbye waiting


#32: Draw a scene from a movie that made you cry.

Mufasa dies in The Lion King

Mufasa's death scene

Mufasa's death scene


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