Posted by: iadelson | March 1, 2009

Learning to love you more assignments

#70- say goodbye

Goodbye California: sun, women, coolness, and ease.

Goodbye High School: 8-3, rich kid cliques, and blowing it out of proportion

Goodbye Brittany: 24/7, scale of 1-10’s, and perfectionism

Goodbye Long Hair: Doing what it takes to get by, it’s all good, and doing it later

Goodbye Static: One state, one love, one frame

Goodbye what it is they want: Hello what it is I am


#30- strangers holding hands


#53- Words of Advice to my Past Self

Advice to Ian at 14

– Once you and brittany break up, be done with it. Don’t take her back.

– Cut your hair.

– Start messing with video cameras, get more involved in film opportunities.

– Don’t quit sports.

– You don’t need to do gurp.

– Start watching classic movies, establish a knowledge of film

– Be yourself.

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