Posted by: cfallan26 | March 1, 2009

learning to love you more: Corey Allan

#70: Say Goodbye

-Goodbye childhood
-Goodbye 5547 E. Sanna Street
-Goodbye grampy
-Goodbye Chaparral pom
-Goodbye mitch
-Goodbye dance
-Goodbye uncle wiggly
-Goodbye dicus
-Goodbye ashley
-Goodbye david
-Goodbye doubletree

#27: Take a picture of the sun


#53: Give advice to yourself in the past!

As a rule of thumb I have always tried to live my life with no regrets and so far I have succeeded! Sure I have made mistakes but from each experience I have grown. If I were able to give advice to a younger me, I would probably say to not take life to seriously. It goes by much faster than you will ever thinking and looking back on the times where I was angry, or sad, or frustrated they weren’t worth it. I would warn myself about certain people to stay away from but then again from each of those people I have learned something new so in truth they played a big part of my life. I would tell myself to call my grandparents more often and to play fetch with my puppies everyday for I believe dogs are the perfect example of how humans should be living our lives. Just watching their enthusiasm about the littlest things makes me realize its the little things in life that truly matter. I would want to spend more time with my mom in serenity and a lot more time listening to my dads profound thoughts!


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