Posted by: mvaks | March 1, 2009

Monica Vaks #53, #70, #39

Assignment #70. Goodbye: 

Goodbye eating unhealthy

Goodbye late night

Goodbye snacks

Goodbye carbohydrates

Goodbye salt

Goodbye fattening foods

Goodbye soda

Goodbye size LARGE

Goodbye pimples

Goodbye feeling ugly and fat

Goodbye guilt

Goodbye him

Goodbye regret

Goodbye always being on the phone

Goodbye facebook

Goodbye being lazy

Goodbye negativity

Goodbye her

Goodbye eating for no reason

Goodbye old life, Hello new life!


Assignment #53. Advice to Monica:

1. Advice to Monica at age 12: Don’t be negative; going through your parent’s separation is a rough situation. It won’t break apart your family unless you allow it to. Stay in contact and make sure you put your family before anything else. Its okay to talk to your family or your parents about how you feel and what’s going on, they understand and will always be there for you at all times. A lot of marriages don’t end up working out and its okay, everything happens for a reason. And even though we might not know that reason right now, in the future you will.

2. Advice to Monica at age 13: As you are standing up on that podium about to give your bat mitzvah speech we just want you to know that everyone here loves you, so don’t be shy or nervous, you could do it. It is so important that you stay focus and understand what’s happening to you today. This is the day that you are leaving your childhood behind and finally becoming a woman. This is such a special moment in your life, embrace, enjoy, and try to remember every moment of it because it only happens once.

3. Advice to Monica at age 15: Your learning how to drive, this is an awesome experience.  Take it seriously and listen because the last thing you want is to get in an accident when you’re driving alone in your new car.

4. Advice to Monica at 15: take 9th grade and high school seriously; it will only benefit you in the future when you’re thinking about where to go to college. It can’t hurt you to pick up a book and read something; you could learn something you don’t know.

5.Advice to Monica at age 16: You got your license and six months later you get in an accident, if you wouldn’t have been on your cell phone texting people, this probably would have never happened. It is important to stay focused while driving nothing is that important that your phone must be answered right away. You should always wait until you’re at a stop sign or a red light or parked to text message or answer a phone call to prevent accidents in the future.

6.Advice to Monica at age 17: Michigan or Wisconsin that’s a hell of a choice to make. You’ll make the right decision! We just want what’s best for you both, academically and socially.  

7.Advice to Monica at age 17: The college experience is a rough decision, one must realize that it is a new life, a new chapter where one can be anyone they choose to be because nothing is based on prejudgment. Allow yourself to be the best you could be at such a big school. You shouldn’t strive for anything less because you are a great person and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

8.Advice to Monica at age 18: Life is everything you make it to be, be positive and try new things. Make the life you want to live. Take all the opportunities that you are confronted with and be your outgoing self. Your still young and don’t forget you have the capabilities to do pretty much anything you want. Go for it and go skydiving and go jump of that bridge.  Be adventurous!


Assignment #39: Take a Picture of your Parents kissing:



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