Posted by: Arman | March 2, 2009

Arman Cole, #32, #52, #53

Draw a scene from a movie that made you cry

La Dolce Vita

Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Me: Hello?

Angela: Hey Arman.

Me: Oh hey! What’s up? How are you? Why the call?

Angela: Well, I’ve been thinking things over and I wanted your advice.

Me: Yeah? About?

Angela: I’m not sure I actually want to be a doctor.

Me: What?

Angela: I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about what that life would be like, and honestly, I’m not sure it’s me. I’m thinking of applying to grad school, maybe in archaeology. Maybe become a curator or something.

Me: Why the sudden change? I mean, you got into amazing schools, you’re a national medical champion. Every time I check Facebook it’s a photo of you at some hospital-themed party. It seems like you’re so into it.

Angela: Yeah.

Me: So you weren’t actually into it?

Angela: No, I was. At the time.

Me: Do you think your parents were behind the doctor thing?

Angela: Maybe. I mean, I genuinely love medicine and all, and I love the idea of performing surgery. But I feel like I’m missing something. I might take a year off to figure things out. Listen, I have to go.

Me: I thought you wanted my advice?

Angela: I more just wanted to drop you a line.

Me: Okay, well, good luck?

Angela: Thanks. See you.



Advice to myself, at 16

*Do your homework. It will matter.
*You won’t be as greasy in 3 years.
*Don’t drink two Mountain Dews every day. They have brominated vegetable oil, which is illegal in all of Western Europe. It will also make you fat.
*Your hair looks better longer. Trust me.
*Those glasses look like you got them secondhand from a Founding Father.
*Please don’t date the blond girl in your Political Science AP class. Trust me.

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