Posted by: jesellen | March 2, 2009

Jessica Cohen Assignment #53

Advice to Jessica at age 2: Maybe you should be more careful attempting to climb down the one stair into the living room, that way, next time, you won’t fall down and send your front tooth through your lip.

Advice to Jessica at age 3: Don’t worry, just because you are going to have a little brother, doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to love you just as much as we do now. You have to be accepting and love your brother too! You will grow to appreciate him, although you might not in the beginning.

Advice to Jessica at age 8: Keep smiling! It’s what all your teachers write on your report cards, so just keep on being a happy kid.

Advice to Jessica at age 13: Don’t be nervous about messing up at your Bat Mitzvah, you have a beautiful voice and no one is going to judge you even if you stumble on a word or two. And, remember to appreciate your party, and thank your parents for helping you have such a fun day!

Advice to Jessica at age 15: Try not to get so annoyed with your brother, believe me, the time will come when you appreciate him and will like having a little brother. He annoys you a lot, but just be more patient and don’t violently respond to his annoying acts.

Advice to Jessica at age 17: When making one of the most important decisions of your life, where to go to college, make sure you go with your gut. You went to visit Michigan when it was pouring rain and you still fell in love with it, isn’t that a sign? Go with your gut. Oh, and try not to criticize yourself so harshly. Be comfortable with who you are and don’t be so affected by how others are judging you. No one else’s opinion matters but yourselves, even though that may be the most destructive opinion of all.

Advice to Jessica at age 18: Boys are stupid. Don’t let them get you down. Take all of the opportunities life presents you and live your life to its fullest extent!


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