Posted by: maxthegirl | March 2, 2009

Learning to Love You More :)

Assignment #53

Give advice to yourself in the past.

Advice to Maxine Murray at age 16

So you’re going to meet a really cool guy because you tried new things and trying new things is good.

This guy, his name is James and here’s why he’s cool. He listens and is really funny.

Don’t be afraid to be honest with him.

But don’t going blurting out random things to him either.

Be his friend…and more importantly let him be your friend.

And not just cookie-cutter, ‘yeah he’s my friend.’ No spend time with him outside of school.

Ultimately trust your instincts. He does like you the way you like him.

So when he finally asks you for like the fifteenth time who it is you like.

Be really honest, push pass the fear and just tell him:

“James, I like you and I’ve liked you for the past 5 months”

Also try not to get step-throat the week before Bible Camp.

It’s not fun and well you miss the chance to spend a night with this cool guy at the banquet.

Also don’t become best friends with Lizzie…it’s just a bad idea—especially to let her date your brother.

Assignment #70

Say goodbye.

1. Goodbye Drama

2. Goodbye anger over what I can’t control

3. Goodbye nuclear family

4. Goodbye hero

5. Goodbye not trying out of fear

6. Goodbye James

7. Goodbye John

8. Goodbye fake friends

9. Goodbye pushing limits when it comes to my health

10. Goodbye rushing through life

11. Goodbye fearing the unknown

12. Goodbye indecisiveness

Assignment #11

Photograph a scar and write about it.

scar scar2

I got these scars as a result of the second surgery I’ve had in life. The first is probably my favorite scar. Because it’s in a spot that I can’t hide if I wear tanks and I love wearing tanks so I figure I can love it or hate it. The second scar is from the same surgery and is as significant as the other. Also they’re proof that my life isn’t that bad. Having Sickle Cell Anemia can suck, but I am really blessed and don’t have to go through as much pain as others who share my fate. But more importantly the day I got these scars was the day they removed my catheter which meant I didn’t have to get transfusions anymore. All I had to do is take some pills that help my red blood cells transport oxygen more efficiently.


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