Posted by: piesarah | March 3, 2009

Sarah’s Assignments…#27, 67, 70, 53

#53 Advice to myself

Age 3: Share with your brother, don’t be so scared to get dirty

Age 6: Give granda al lots of kisses, enjoy easy assignments.

Age 9: You can have more than one best friend. Clubs just hurt feelings. Don’t cry, nothing is wrong.

Age 12: Don’t give up dance, you love it just because your teacher is tough you will regret it. Don’t worry about high school it will all be fine. Love every moment with your 32. Be nice to people who like you. Don’t cry, everything will be ok.

Age 15: Do your best in school, run as fast as you can in track, there is nothing to hold back. You are not fat, you are a twig. Don’t follow Brigid so much, be yourself. Reach out to others even though your friends are fun, there are other awesome people. Don’t go to homecoming with Kyle, he is just lame. Enjoy every moment of high school!

Age  18: Stay close with your summer friends, you are more important than their sorority life. Be careful with boys, they will hurt you. Focus on school more than partying. Stick with Kelly. Don’t agree to live with them. enjoy high school friends. Be nice to your parents, they are still there for you. Listen for the music you like. No late nights at their place. Only start a relationship if you truely like the guy. See your friends more than work. Tell Mr. Hubbell you love him. Don’t run when you are sad, others are sad too and need you. There will always be more money, there won’t always be more time.


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